Day 6 – 2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Running


Day 6 – 2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Running

Day 6 is shaping up to be the start of the racing aspect of this sport.

The leaderboard is somewhat misleading because it shows Dallas #16 is still in Ruby but he’s been on the move for a few hours. It also doesn’t show that he’s taken his 8-hour mandatory break.

I believe Dallas is the only Musher at this point who has taken his 24 and 8-hour mandatory layovers. He took his 24 in Cripple and his 8 in Ruby. His only other mandatory stop is White Mountain. Everyone needs to stay 8 hours here before the final 90 mile push to Nome. Mushers who have a good lead coming in here usually win.

Dallas has dropped two dogs, including one of his leaders from the 2014 & 2015 Teams. The dogs weren’t eating and/or sleeping up to standards.

Brent Sass #32 is at mile 545 in Galena. Aliy Zirkle #13 is also here. Four others are in route with Dallas in 7th at mile 506.

In my opinion Dallas is #1 because he’s taken his 8 and has a great Team. Watch him move up in the next 24 hours.

Bruce Lee, the Iditarod expert on the trail, said that Brent’s Team looked strong and that Dallas’s Team looked tired. You don’t hear this often.

Five Mushers have scratched for various reasons, so there are 80 Teams still on the trail.

This will be my last Blog before heading to Nome with Rosanne on Sunday.

Please check my Twitter posts for quick updates.

I have no doubt that Dallas will come home with his 4th Championship!

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