Day 4 – 2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Running


Day 4 – 2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Running

Dallas Seavey – Bib #16, three-time reigning Champion, has taken the lead and is resting at mile 362. He is probably going to be declaring his 24-hour layover at Cripple (mile 425). First to arrive receives $3,000 in gold. He was first into McGrath and received the PenAir Spirit of Alaska Award and $500 towards air fare.

Many Mushers are taking their 24 hour layovers in Takotna, mile 329 and Ophir, mile 352.

Once all the leaders have taken the mandatory 24-hour layover, the leaderboard will be a lot clearer. The starting time discrepancies are adjusted here.

There have been three scratches to date due to injuries, sickness and fatigue.

Two mushers got lost and went 30-60 miles out of the way and are in the back of the pack now.

There was little to no snow on some parts of the trail. The trail appears fast and the weather has cooperated to date.

This is day four and there is over 600 miles left to reach Nome.

It’s early to predict a winner but Dallas looks really good and he said this is the best Team of Athletes he has ever trained. Stay tuned!

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