IDITAROD 40 - History in the Making

by Jim Keller March 12 2012 18:57

Here I am in Nome with Rosanne, standing up in our little room, writing this final Blog before the 2012 Iditarod Champion is crowned. I just went next door to get a soda and it must have been -30 wind chill.

Of course, I was not dressed like I will be for the finish line. I did some rough calculations and the winner should arrive around 7 pm AKDT Tuesday so there should be enough light to get good photos and videos.

Let's cut to the chase; still in the lead is Dallas Seavey at mm 815. Aliy Zirkle is at mm 813, Ramey Smyth is at mm 803, Aaron Burmeister is next at mm 799 and Peter Kaiser is 5th at 798. Mitch Seavey is at mm 797. The total distance between these 6 Mushers is 18, miles so the race is on. The race fans here in Nome expect a very good race right up to front street!

Dallas has to go about 15 miles to Golovin and 18 miles to White Mountain. Everyone needs to take 8 hours in White Mountain, so we will be able to get a good read at this time. From there, it's 77 miles to Nome and there has been some history made here. The famous blow hole awaits all the Mushers - this is where the winds come down from the mountains through a valley and creates very high, cold and dangerous winds. Many snowmachines have met their end here. It should take about 11 hours from White Mountain to Nome!

Whoever wins will be a 1st time Champion, unless Mitch Seavey pulls it out. Stay tuned as we will be posting our official news release right here as my final race blog.

Did you Know? Through 40 Iditarods, there has only been 21 Champions. 6 Mushers have won 25; Swenson 5, Buser 4, King 4, Mackey 4, Butcher 4 and Swingly 4. 15 others have 1 each! I hope Dallas' name is on the 2012 Championship - GO DALLAS .........

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