We are leaving for the Arctic at noon so here are the latest race updates.

The trail is cold and fast but the race is heating up. Temps as low as 45 below have not slowed down the dogs. Some of the mushers have had frostbite but they are a rare and tough breed!

The leaders as of now are: Zirkle mile 667, King mile 655, Burmeister mile 654, Dallas Seavey 649 and Royer 646.

Dallas has had some great speeds for the past few checkpoints and appears to be building another monster Team.

The surprise is Jessie Royer. She is in 5th and according to the tracker has the best moving average speed.

Dallas is the best Athlete in the lead pack so this will have a huge impact for the final 300 miles.

Mitch Seavey is resting and will start making his run to the famous Burled Arch in Nome as well.

There are 72 Mushers on the trail and 6 are out of the race. I anticipate more scratches.

Stay tuned for the Finish. We will have the report along with photos on this site.

About Jim Keller

James and Rosanne Keller, representing J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., will continue their support of Seavey as his title sponsor, celebrating the 10th year of their unique partnership.