2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Race


2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Race

The start of the famous International Sled Dog Race across Alaska is only a few weeks away.

86 Mushers with their Teams of 16 Athletes will compete for 1,000 miles. The winner receives $70,000 cash & a new Pickup Truck. Cash prizes are paid out down to the 30th place. Each Musher that finishes receives a token $1,049. The entrance fee is $3,000 by 12/1/15, thereafter $7,000.

There are also many prizes & awards that can be won along the trail.

The ceremonial start is Saturday, March 5, at 10 a.m. AKST in downtown Anchorage; the restart is Sunday, March 6, at 2 p.m. AKST, 90 miles north in Willow. (AK is 3 hours behind WI)

I just got off the phone with 3 time & reigning Champion Dallas. We had a 36 minute discussion covering many areas of this years race.

We talked a lot about his Team. His 16 starters, from a kennel of 100, are all healthy and well trained.

Dallas said “this is the best Team I have ever trained and you & Rosanne better get to Nome early”. WOW this is quite a statement considering he holds the fastest time ever!

Stay tuned as the J. J. Keller/Dallas Seavey Iditarod Racing Team could be setting another record!!

About Jim Keller

James and Rosanne Keller, representing J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., will continue their support of Seavey as his title sponsor, celebrating the 10th year of their unique partnership.