2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Race


2016 IDITAROD – 44th Annual Race

The International Sled Dog Race in Alaska starts this Saturday in Anchorage and restarts on Sunday in Willow.

Our three-time & reigning Champion Dallas Seavey is very upbeat and has been training like never before. In a recent phone call he was very upbeat. Watch his videos we posted today; he discusses how hard it is this year to pick his 16 starters. He will be leaving home some dogs that he only dreamed about a few years ago!

This 1,000 mile race has been dissected many many times by the Champ. He lays awake at night figuring out how to beat his own records!

The J. J. Keller/Dallas Seavey Iditarod Racing Team “Indoor Sled Dog Training Center” was added this past summer. This is a novel idea to train the Dogs in the heat of the summer, in a freezing environment, with the Team running on a 50′ treadmill. This allows the dogs to be in training year round and should be a game changer.

There are 10 Mushers who realistically could win this race, but Dallas has to be the favorite. We discussed the top contenders and Dallas doesn’t underestimate anyone. Dallas said he has his best team ever and has won three of the past four Iditarods.

Stay tuned to this 44th edition, there are always unexpected and exciting racing issues that surface along the 1,000 mile trail.

Rosanne & I will be at the Finish in Nome for our 10th consecutive year. (Rosanne said in 2007 “it’s 80 at our FL Keys Condo so why are we going to Nome where it’s 20 below?”)

Please check out the Photos & Videos on this site. New ones were added today! Check out our Book & other Dallas Seavey Merchandise.

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James and Rosanne Keller, representing J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc., will continue their support of Seavey as his title sponsor, celebrating the 10th year of their unique partnership.